My first entrepreurial venture was a retail/service company that taught me much about how to run and, in some cases, how not to run a small business.  I have been there, the late nights trying to put together invoices, and the panicked feeling the day before GST filings are due and that feeling of frustration knowing that you have to do all this “admin” stuff and you should be spending your time generating income and improving your business.

I enjoy that “admin” stuff.  I enjoy putting together a good letter and making sure a presentation has a wow factor.  I enjoy making sure the books are up to date and that customers have been contacted in a timely manner.

Work Smart Not Long has grown out of my corporate experience as an Executive Assistant and my 9 years of experience running my own business.  In addition the experience of being a Mom and chief logistics coordinator for a busy family has taught me that there needs to be a balance, a work-life balance.  I’m happy to take over those tasks that are holding you back from achieving your work-life balance and together we can Work Smart, Not Long.

We look forward to hearing from you.