“The medium is the message”

Marshall McLuhan’s famous quote has never rung truer than with Social Media.  Making sure that your message is correct for the media stream you are using is key to it being viewed and heard.

In Mr. McLuhan’s famous quote it is often thought when he referred to “medium” it meant some type of media, such as television or radio or, more recently, the internet. On the contrary, the word “medium” can also mean a base for something to grow in, like soil that a seed is planted in or the agar in a petrie dish.  Social media can be the perfect growing medium for your ideas and thoughts, and with that growth then comes the growth of your message.

Much like a seed in soil, your message must also have the best conditions for growth.  The best conditions for growth are those that are tailored to its’ environment.  For example, using only text on Pinterest would not be effective just as posting cute photos of your cat would not lend to your credibility on LinkedIn.  Provide your message with the right medium and the right conditions and your ideas and messages will grow exponentially.

facebook Facebook:  I love cupcakes.

twitter Twitter:  I’m eating the best cupcake ever!

linkedin LinkedInMy resume includes creating, designing and critiquing  cupcakes.

pinterest Pinterest:  My favourite cupcake photos and recipies

instagram Instragram:  Here’s a photo of me and my friends eating cupcakes

youtube YouTube:  My how-to video on making a cupcake

tumblr Tumblr:  Here is a collection of my thoughts about cupcakes

googleplusGoogle+:  I’ve eaten a whole bunch of cupcakes while trying to figure out how to use it.



Happy growing!

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photo credit: Cakehead Loves via photopin cc

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